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It was a lovely experience with a gorgeous view offering a peaceful and serene getaway. Thank you for all the special touches.

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We hope to see you soon. We had an awesome 5 days stay there, Cassandra was very welcoming and a was pleasant host. Place had an amazing front view of the lake. Very quiet, clean, calming and relaxing place. We took our 2 small dogs there, and it was very comfy for them. Would recommend this place to… Read more. Great cottage with nice deep water off the dock. Cottage was clean and as pictured. Great value and very clean for a pet friendly rental.

Beds were comfortable. Cassandra was a fantastic hostess. Hosted by Cassandra. Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Shrine Lady. Enjoy travelling and boating with my family.

Response time: within an hour. Learn more. About this place. Prior to becoming a broker, he served as the financial analyst and marketing coordinator for the National Golf and Resort Welcome to the Anchors Aweigh podcast blog. This is a space where I recap our great conversations about boating and distill them into usable, linkable information.

Each episode will feature a conversation with a boating expert. Many people can be intimidated to get started on the water but as we learn in each conversation, learning to boat is half the fun. I want beginners to come away with some tips and tools to get started, and experienced boaters to continue learning and growing their boating skills. There are common threads across boaters of all walks, most notably the joy being out on the water brings them and their families. I hope the boating life brings the same joy to you.

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The problem with both anchors is that over the past five years their pull has got much weaker. A healthier economy and stronger public finances have enabled Turkey to jettison its IMF programme though some ministers tried to keep it. In the run-up to a possibly tight election next year, this may make it easy for the government to offer irresponsible fiscal inducements that could jeopardise the long-term health of the public finances.

Even more disturbing is the loss of EU influence. Few people, either in Brussels or in Ankara, any longer believe that Turkish membership will come about in the foreseeable future. The negotiations have progressed agonisingly slowly.


Over half the chapters in the accession talks are now blocked, many because of an unresolved dispute over Cyprus. Political leaders as well as voters in France, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands have made it clear that they do not want Turkey in the EU. So it is not surprising that many Turks consider that the EU anchor has lost its purchase.

The country's political leaders these days speak less and less about their EU aspirations. Why should Turkey implement difficult reforms to meet European standards, some ask plaintively, if EU membership will not be forthcoming in return? Indeed, why continue on the path of free-market liberal democracy at all?

That is the kernel of Turkey's difficulties today. So long as it could rely on the IMF's tutelage and had a real hope of EU membership, its course was fixed. The best place to start looking is the economy—for without continuing economic success, not much else will go right.

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